Employability of a candidate depends on his personal capabilities which are generally not taught in colleges. True that education is in a near reach for every one as many Engineering colleges, Arts &Science Colleges, stand alone B-Schools, Hotel Management colleges, colleges of many other special disciplines such as Aviation, Logistics, Marine Sciences, Agriculture etc are providing variety of courses under affiliation of various universities. Besides, unaffiliated institutions are also conducting Post Graduate Diploma courses in Management and other selected disciplines. Added to this, invariably all universities are conducting correspondence courses for the benefit of those who are unable to attend regular courses. Though huge employment opportunities are existing in India on one hand, the output produced by the colleges are not having the expected capabilities to meet the requirements of the available jobs on the other hand. Thus, there is a huge gap between the employment and employability. Hence it is necessary to build up the capabilities of the candidates through intensive and pointed trainings in specific fields. DMMART undertakes the responsibility of providing placement trainings and special trainings for the future Engineers and Managers in the areas of Business Analytics, SPSS etc. These trainings are very essential for management decision making from the data generated in a management process.

Aptitude and Placement Training

An all round placement training is provided by DMMART on a full time basis. This training will be suitable for graduates in Arts and Science, Engineering, Management, Hotel Management, persons aspiring jobs in government ,Railways, Banks, IT Sector and the like, in enhancing their aptitude through practical training in data handling, quantitative analysis, basic Business Mathematics, inferring from tables and charts, Logical Reasoning, Verbal reasoning , Interview discipline and tips, Body Language etc.

Training on SPSS and Business Analytics

In organizations, analytics enables professionals to convert extensive data and statistical and quantitative analysis into powerful insights that can drive efficient decisions. Moreover with the rate at which this data can be analyzed, organizations are able to keep tabs on the customer trends in near real time. As a result effectiveness of a strategy can be determined almost immediately. Thus with powerful insights, analytics promises reduced costs and increased profits.

The analytics Industry is one of the fastest growing in modern times with it poised to become a $50 billion market by 2017. With this sudden surge in the analytics industry there is a tremendous increase in the demand for analytics expertise across all domains, throughout all major organizations across the globe. It has been predicted that by 2018, the United States alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of big data to make effective decisions.(McKinsey Global Institute).

Therefore, training in Business Analytics is very important both for seeking a good employment either in India or abroad and also for better career growth .Business Analytics has become a very essential skill for all the Managers and Engineers. DMMART provides trainings on SPSS and Business Analytics of a high standard in collaboration with national level associates in India.


Strength of DMMART in Training

  • Faculty members of DMMART are all senior professors in Management who have the experience of conducting many faculty development programmes, training in statistical applications and courses on Business Analytics.

  • External faculty members from top institutes of Business Analytics in India will also participate as adjunct faculty members for DMMART.

  • Course materials will be supplied for the participants.

  • Lot of Hands on sessions will be provided.

Training Programmes of DMMART

SNO Name of Course Coverage Mode of Training Duration (No of working Days) Eligibility Batch Size Fees
1 Aptitude and Placement Training Quantitative Aptitude, Deriving information from tables, charts and pictures , Logical Reasoning, Verbal reasoning , Interview discipline, Body Language Full time 7 Any Graduate 25 10000
2 SPSS Exploring the application of Statistical tools using SPSS Full time 7 Any Graduate 25 12500
3 Business Analytics Introduction of Statistical Applications in Business, Business Analysis using MS Excel, SPSS etc. Full time 7 Any Graduate 25 20000